Freelancer acquires vWorker

Today I’ve received an email from letting me know that they have acquired (RentACoder for older freelancers). I was quite shocked by this news as I never expected that a big site like vWorker will be bought. But life goes on and nothing stays the same forever. I have to say that so far I really enjoy Freelancer’s interface a lot more than vWorker. It’s clean, it’s modern and it’s logical. Even after the face lift vWorker did some time ago the site looked dated and wasn’t very intuitive.

I am still waiting for Freelancer to import my project ratings, I hope they will do it soon. Without rating is really really hard to get a job on a freelancing site. But while I wait for them I’ve already made a bid to check the process. So far I like what I see, it seems very clean and intuitive. I’ve also checked the taxes (10% for free account and 3% for premium) which are not that bad.

One thing that drives me nuts is the “Skills” section. Although I have checked many skills it only displays 5 for my Freelancer profile, while for my Employer profile it displays a lot more. I don’t get it. I’ll probably contact their support, maybe they can enlighten me.

The Portfolio section is beautiful, I cannot even compare to what vWorker had. It’s exactly what you need to display your work.

I’ll update the article as I discover more things (hopefully pleasant) on Freelancer. Meanwhile if you need my services you can click on the button bellow and give me a job on

LE: One day later and I have all my ratings and projects imported. Good work Freelancer!
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The main reason I like Vworker and not Freelancer is that , we have no security about client will pay you or not
Vwoker confirms when, client deposit the money , it gives you boost


Hi Ahmad,

You are indeed right about that part. But on Freelancer you can ask the client to release a Milestone payment, which can be anywhere from 20% to 100% of the project value. So far I did only one job on Freelancer, since I was busy with other things. But I can tell you it went smooth and I got paid on time.

Good luck bidding 🙂

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